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The 2018 "Peaceable Kingdom" Calendar is NOW AVAILABLE!
Many thanks to all of the pet owners, friends, and supporters of the arts for your participation

in the 2018 Peaceable Kingdom Calendar/Photo Contest!


2018 Peaceable Kingdom Calendars make great gifts!!

NOW JUST $10 EACH -- free shipping!

You can purchase your calendars for friends, family, and co-workers in three ways:

1.  Order by mail with check, payable to Langhorne Council for the Arts:  mail to 960 Langhorne-Yardley Road, Langhorne, PA  19047

2.  Purchase in person with check or cash: at Judy's Corner Frame Shop, 127 S. Bellevue Avenue, Langhorne Borough

The beautiful, full-color, oversized calendar features collages of adorable pets from Langhorne and beyond, on monthly themed backgrounds.  Prominently featured in the collages and on the cover are the

DOM AND DAISY took a running leap and regained first place with 109 votes.
MACKY AND ROONEY dug their claws into the #2 spot with 105 votes.
MAGGIE broke away from the back of the pack to claim her position at #3 with 77 votes.
Mother-daughter team, EMMA AND VIOLET, woke up from their nap and pounced on 60 votes, most of them on Olde Harvest Day.
ZOEY JOY, a previous contest winner, came to our rescue, bringing 57 votes with her.
BELLA put on her best running socks and chased down 51 votes.
THE BACKYARD BIDDIES scratched up 51 votes, and that ain't chicken feed!
PEKU PI AND BUKA BEAR held their vigil in the front window until 51 votes came their way.
Black cats are rumored to bring bad luck, but MACKY, one of the many black cats who entered the contest,was lucky enough to scare up 45 votes, just in time for Halloween.
SMARTY JONES trotted into the top 12 with 37 votes.
HARPER LEE AND DUGAN O'MALLEY waited by the doggie door for months until 36 votes won them the #11 spot.
HOLLY is purring with delight that she made the top 12 with 32 votes.