LCA Banner Project

Langhorne is the birthplace of world-famous painter, Edward Hicks, yet there was no evidence of this anywhere in the borough.  LCA obtained approval from HARB and Langhorne Borough Council to display a banner honoring Hicks at his birthplace, now known as the Langhorne Coffee House.  Permission was also given to add banners about other important and interesting people, places, and facts that are largely unknown but that have contributed to the borough’s history. Banners were hung on light  and utility poles in the summer of 2020,  using high quality, Victorian-style brackets at a height that makes them easily read by pedestrians.  Banners are hung on available poles as close to the location as possible; exact locations will be noted in the banner text. It is hoped that these banners will encourage people to visit, explore, and think about the borough in a new way.  Information about the banners is now printed in a walking tour brochure, available at the Bucks County Visitors Center and in various businesses in Langhorne Borough.  The banners and related info are also posted on this site.  Click below to view!

Support from the community is needed to keep this project moving.  The following banners have been sponsored by generous $175 donations by the individuals, businesses, and organizations listed.  This generosity is also noted in the brochure.  We are currently seeking donations to cover the cost of printing the brochure.

Our sincere thanks go to the following sponsors:

Banners:                                                               Sponsored by: 

Edward Hicks                                                       Langhorne Council for the Arts

Joseph Longshore, M.D.                                      Robert and Florence Wharton

Anna-Mary Longshore-Potts, M.D.                       Robert and Florence Wharton

Hannah E. Myers Longshore, M.D.                      Robert and Florence Wharton

Anna Mary Williamson                                          Evelyn Aicher (in memoriam), Jane Boyle, Lynda Johnson, Sandi Stark Kaiser, Terri    

                                                                              Frink Little, Judy Nangle Sloan, and Donna Willits Thomas

Signature House/Ruth Irwin                                 Langhorne Tax and Bookkeeping

Joseph Wahl                                                        Larry Langhans

Joseph Richardson                                              Penn Community Bank

Jesse Soby                                                          American Legion Post #148

Middletown Friends Meetinghouse                      Middletown Friends

Friends School                                                     Karen (Maitha) and Paul Maloch

Orthodox Friends Meeting                                   Lance and Pat Mervine

Langhorne Hotel & Tavern                                  Ben Asta

Bellevue Institute                                                 Barry Truchil and Bernadette West

Washington Village                                              Keith Pacheco

Bethlehem A.M.E. Church                                   African American Museum of Bucks County

First Electric Trolley                                             Wm. Parry & Son

Early Businesses in Langhorne                           First National Bank and Trust

A Town With Three Names                                  Langhorne Borough

Catawissa                                                            Langhorne Open Space, Inc,

Donations to this project, payable to Langhorne Council for the Arts, can be sent to:

Langhorne Council for the Arts c/o P. Mervine
960 Langhorne-Yardley Road
Langhorne, PA  19047.