Prototype of the three visible sides of the box near the entrance of the Mayors Playground, featuring Hicks' iconic painting, "The Peaceable Kingdom."  What a lovely way to welcome passersby to the historic district of Langhorne Borough!

Prototype of the front of the box in front of

the Langhorne Hotel, featuring Hicks' painting of "Washington at the Delaware," reminding all

who pass by of Langhorne's connection to the

​American Revolution.

Prototype of the mural that will go on the side of the Hicks House.  This features a replica of the window on the Bellevue Avenue side of the building with the portrait of Edward Hicks that was painted by his cousin.

The sign reflects Hicks' occupation as a sign and carriage painter. The lion, as a work in progress, is emblematic of the many versions of the painting Hicks is most famous for: The Peaceable Kingdom."

Langhorne (then Attleboro) is the birthplace of American folk artist Edward Hicks. Langhorne Council for the Arts wants to celebrate the pastoral, iconic work of Edward Hicks with three murals in the Borough. Two murals will bring beauty and history to the ugly black traffic control boxes at the Mayors Playground and the Langhorne Hotel, and one will mark the home where Edward Hicks was born.

Just imagine! The gorgeous images of children, animals, and nature of "The Peaceable Kingdom" on the Mayors Playground box will reflect and enhance the peaceful gardens within the gates. The noble Hicks painting of "George Washington at the Delaware" on the box at the corner of Maple and Bellevue Avenues will illuminate the role of Langhorne in the Battle of Trenton, reminding us of the buildings that were converted to hospitals for wounded and sickened soldiers and of the final resting place for those who did not survive. The third mural will depict Edward Hicks at work on a painting inside his home; this will be on the parking lot side of the Hicks House. Scroll down for prototypes.

Why murals? And why should you support the LCA Mural Project? Murals, as a form of public art, provide many benefits to the community.
1. Public art connects citizens to the history of their community.
2. Public art enhances beauty and adds interest to streetscapes.
3. Public art is free and accessible to all, 24/7.
4. Public art opens eyes to creativity and enlivens the places where people live, work, and do business.
5. Public art can have economic benefits to communities that support it.

The three Hicks-themed murals will be painted and installed by Langhorne mural artist, Jean-Marc Dubus. If you've seen the numerous murals that Jean-Marc has done in Bristol, you'll know that the LCA Mural Project is in very talented hands. Our deadline for installation of these three murals is April 23, 2022, the day our community will celebrate "Edward Hicks Day." That date may seem a long way off, but work on the murals needs to begin now.  
Please help us bring these three Edward Hicks murals to Langhorne Borough!

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Mark your calendar for April 23, 2022 (rain date April 24) when LCA hosts a community-wide celebration:  "Edward Hicks Day!"  Fun, informative, and engaging for all ages!

To make this a truly community-wide event, LCA invites residents and representatives from community organizations, houses of worship, and businesses to join in the planning.  Please email for more information about the planning committee!

​Langhorne Council for the Arts

Mural Project to Honor Edward Hicks