2024 Partial Calendar of Events:

We have LOTS of plans for 2024.  Here's what will be coming up soon.  Check back often for updates!  Activities are also posted on the Langhorne Council for the Arts Facebook page.


Last year was so much fun, we are planning to return to the super-cool Johnson Hall Coffee House, 3 Hulme Avenue in Hulmeville, PA, for more great entertainment on the first Fridays of the summer months:  June through September.  

Doors open at 6:30.  Music begins at 7 PM.  

COME HUNGRY!  This year, the full menu at the coffee house will be available for purchase!  

BYOB permitted.

$15 cover charge


as last year's events were SOLD OUT in advance!

Friday, August 2--  Langhorne Council for the Arts presents the Joe Alves Band, bringing you blues and roots music, deeply grounded in soulful flavor with incredibly danceable grooves.  If you are a fan of the three Kings (BB, Freddy, and Albert), this is a show for you!

 Come early, come hungry!! The full menu of the coffee house will be available for purchase, and the A/C will be cranked up to keep you cool!       Doors open at 6:30.  Music starts at 7:00.

                                                  ORDER YOUR TICKETS TODAY at


Summer Speakers Series

Back for its 12th year, the ever-popular Summer Speakers Series will run every other Tuesday evenings from late June to mid-August at Anna Mary Williamson Library/Museum,
160 W. Maple Avenue @ Hill Avenue in Langhorne Borough.

A $5 donation at the door is requested to support LCA's scholarship fund and programs in the arts for all ages. Light refreshments will be served following the presentation.  

Tuesday, June 18, 7:30 PM.     INTERACTING WITH MUSEUMS with Ariel Schwartz
Ariel Schwartz has enjoyed a 40-year career in museums. He started out as a television producer, but when the IBM PC was introduced, he fell in love with personal computing and sought to find a way to integrate his television background with computers. The perfect intersection presented itself in the newly emerging field of interactive technology for museum visitors, which was an ideal solution because of his long-standing love of museums. 

Ariel's first museum project was working on Hamburger University, located at McDonald’s Corporate Campus in Chicago. Ensuing interactive museum projects included the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in CA, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, The Getty Art Museum in Los Angeles, the National Museum of Australia, IBM’s THINK Gallery of Science in New York, and eventually, six years at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Ariel will share stories from these projects along with insights into what makes visitor experiences successful and the important role museums play in our culture. He looks forward to speaking with the audience to make the presentation as interactive as possible.

Tuesday, July 2, 7:30 PM.       THE GILDED AGE with Becky Diamond

The American Gilded Age (1868 to 1900) and its extreme extravagance continue to be a source of wonder and fascination, particularly for foodies. The style and excessiveness of this era has ties to modern popular culture through books, films, and television shows, including The Alienist and the Julian Fellowes TV series The Gilded Age, on HBO. 

The excessive opulence and novel inventions of the Gilded Age spawned new opportunities for cooking-related endeavors. The restaurant and hotel industries experienced explosive growth in order to keep up with the steady stream of people flowing into large cities such as New York. Lavish banquet dinners and debutante balls hosted by high society magnates such as Ward McAllister, Caroline Astor, and Mamie Fish flourished as a way to flaunt wealth and define who was “in.” 

Author Becky Diamond wrote a meticulously researched cookbook of recipes of this opulent period.  Along with her presentation about life in the Gilded Age, Becky will bring some treats made from her cookbook for the audience to enjoy.  Her cookbook will be available for purchase.

Tuesday, July 16, 7:30 PM. IRISH DANCING with Joanne Schneider

Irish Dancing cannot be separated from Irish history.  On July 16, Joanne Schneider,. Colleen Harker Erb and the Crossroads Irish Dancers will demonstrate and discuss how historical, political, and cultural events and trends have influenced Irish Dancing through the centuries.

The Crossroads School of Irish Dancing is an adult Irish dancing school founded in 1995 by Joanne Collins Schneider, T.C.R.G.   Colleen Harker Erb. T.M.R.F. joined the school as an instructor in 2020.   Students compete at Irish Dancing events, called feissana, and enjoy performing locally.  We are always happy to share our Irish history, culture, and dance with audiences.  

Classes are held in Bucks County and draw students from the greater Delaware Valley area.  The school of The Crossroads Irish Dancers won the Marie C. Burns Award for the Outstanding Adult Irish Dance Group in the Philadelphia 2024 St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Step and figure dancing classes are offered in Yardley with students drawn from the greater Delaware Valley area.

Tuesday, July 30, 7:30 PM.  ​ Why are Native Plants Important? with Tayna Dabkey
Everyone loves to garden, but what you put in your garden can have significant impacts on the wildlife that lives and commutes through your neighborhood. Whether you know it or not, native plants provide more support for birds than you could imagine. According to research from Doug Tallamy (University of Delaware), the loss of natural habitats and the planting of non-native trees and shrubs in our yards, has caused songbird populations in the US to decrease by 50%! What’s the connection? Hint: it’s bugs! Join us to learn more about why native plants are important members of your garden and how they can help support songbirds.

Tuesday, August 13, 7:30 PM.  "Slavery, Friends, and Freedom in Bucks County" with

Pat Mervine and Joe Coleman

After a year of scouring resources at local historical societies and deep digging into newspaper archives, deeds, wills, obituaries, journals, books, Quaker records, and countless online resources, Pat Mervine and Joe Coleman have unearthed amazing, documented stories about the role Bucks County played in slavery, abolition, and the lives of those who sought freedom. The rise of slavery in Bucks County; Underground Railroad routes throughout the county; African American settlements that once thrived and then vanished; how Quakers changed from slavers to abolitionists;  Bucks County ties to major headline-grabbing events such as John Brown's Raid, the Christiana Riot, the Dred Scott Decision, challenges to the Fugitive Slave Act; kidnappings and daring escapes; and the laws and attitudes that provided context for the stories of more than 50 people who lived or passed through Bucks County -- all of this and more are included in their new book in a way that makes this period of American history relevant and relatable to our lives today.  This presentation will include a few of these powerful stories and time for Q&A.


Porch Fest remains a very popular event, so we will be bringing it back again, scheduled for Saturday, Oct 5 (rain date Oct 6)!  Interested musicians and porch owners are welcome to email LanghorneArtsEvents@gmail.com.  It is anticipated that we will keep to the geographic footprint of S. Bellevue to W. Richardson to Hill to W. Maple and back to S. Bellevue, or close to it. 

And....we have a few ideas that we are mulling over, too!  

So stay in touch, mark your calendars, and spread the word!